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Government Funding – Infection Control

Published On: 25th June 2020

Infection control is a major issue for care homes now and along with that comes additional costs.

The government has recently announced that funding has been made available. This is to improve all resources within care homes, relating to the spread of infection. The £600 million adult social care infection control fund has been introduced to tackle the spread of COVID-19 in care homes. Since the announcement, Medaco have been advising care homes on how to make best use of the funding so they do not miss out on this opportunity.

Details of the Infection Control for care homes Grant:

  • Each local authority will be allocated funding which should be passed on to registered care homes
  • Care providers with whom the local authority does not have a contract can still be awarded the funding grant
  • The funds are expected to be used up quickly and will be available until the end of September 2020
  • You can claim approximately £962* per registered bed through the fund
  • The grant can be spent on additional equipment costs

Upgrade your equipment with the Infection Control Grant

There are many options that will need to be considered for the use of the infection control for care homes grant. One element that should not be overlooked, is the crucial management of bedpan waste and its relation to the spread of infection in care homes. As a result of this, funding can be spent on additional equipment costs to manage COVID-19 infection control. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your equipment in your sluice room, such as sluice machines and macerators. Even if they are still currently working, the lifespan of your machines can decrease significantly in a high usage environment such as care homes.

Upgrade Sluice machine equipment for infection control

If your demand for sluice machine use is growing, upgrade or buy additional machines now and use the funds available from the government.

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Other care home equipment that can be considered under this scheme are beds, mattresses, and disposable slings.

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Next steps to take

  1. Check with your local authority that you have been given access to the funding
  2. Identify your infection control equipment requirements
  3. Contact the team at Medaco and see how we can help you

We appreciate that this is a time of pressure for all care settings, but we encourage you to take advantage of this funding that has been granted by the government for support for infection control in care homes. It is a great opportunity to procure equipment that may not normally be accessible due to budget constraints.

To find out more about how Medaco can help to equip your care home against the threat of COVID-19, fill out the form below or contact us today.

*This amount had been claimed through some local authorities. We advise you to check the ‘per bed basis’ amount with your local authority.