Mattress Repair and Decontamination

What is Mattress Repair and Decontamination?

Mattresses are used in all care facilities and need cleaning regularly. Due to the nature of the environments, they are in, they pose an increased risk of infection to both service users and staff.

Pressure care mattresses are used by some of the most vulnerable service users, so it is crucial to follow strict cleaning and decontamination processes to decrease the risk of cross-contamination between users and the devastating consequences that come with it.

As well as regular mattress cleaning within the home, you should also have a mattress decontamination schedule to ensure that it is safe and hygienic to use between service users.

Medaco not only provides mattress decontamination but also inspection and repair, so your mattress systems remain functional whilst maximising their lifespan.


How Does Mattress Repair and Decontamination Service Work?

The mattress repair and decontamination service from Medaco is a cost-effective solution for the care and maintenance of your pressure care mattress systems. Below outlines the simple process for repair and decontamination of your mattresses:

What are the benefits of mattress repair and decontamination?

There are many benefits to this service including:

  • CQC Infection control compliance

  • Keeps residents and staff safe from infection

  • Save capital costs on mattress replacements when they can be repaired

  • Reduce equipment downtime by using a trusted supplier for repairs

  • Ensure your residents aren’t without their vital equipment for longer than necessary

  • Increased visibility and control over spend with one supplier

The Medaco team of trained engineers have extensive experience and knowledge on a wide range of mattress systems.

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