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Invacare Action Ampla Bariatric Wheelchair


The multi-award winning Invacare Action Ampla Bariatric wheelchair has been cleverly designed specifically for bariatric or plus sized individuals. Carefully considering varying body anatomies, activity levels and importantly the wants and needs of those individuals for an active and independent lifestyle.

Safe working load: 114 kg

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The Invacare Action Ampla Bariatric Wheelchair comprises a durable lightweight rigid Aluminium frame and an active rear wheel position for easier access to the handrims.

This clever design enables a more natural position of the upper body allowing optimal energy transfer during propulsion. In addition, the unique backrest construction also allows for free movement of the arms when propelling and the backrest upholstery adapts to a range of plus sized body shapes, maximising comfort and giving support where needed.

Featuring a new transfer aid unique to the Invacare Action Ampla which offers a resting position for the forearm whilst sat in the manual wheelchair and can be used to assist with standing transfers as the individual uses the aid as a leverage for support.

The Invacare Action Ampla Bariatric Wheelchair can also negotiate doorways and passageways effortlessly in most environments with an optional smart transportation system to the rear of the frame. In three simple steps you can stand to tilt the chair onto the transportation system and roll the complete chair on its rear through doorways.

The Action Ampla is a revoluntionary development when considering the needs of bariatric or plus sized individuals and is leading the way for research driven bariatric manual wheelchair development.

Key features

  • Lightweight rigid Aluminium frame; for effortless propulsion and decreases rolling resistance.
  • Active rear wheel position: providing optimal manoeuvrability and a more ergonomic seating position.
  • Unique backrest design: ensuring free movement of the upper limbs when propelling.
  • Multi-functional Transfer aid: support standing transfers, offers a resting position for the forearm and can be adjusted in height giving access up to and under tables or desks.
  • Transportation bearing system: designed to make negotiating doorways and passageways easier than ever before.
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