Medical Equipment Leasing

Medaco is a leading specialist healthcare equipment provider. We have been supplying, installing, and servicing a full range of patient lifting, and assistance equipment, plus associated accessories, throughout England and Wales for over 30 years.

In that time, we have built a strong reputation as a reliable and trusted service provider for care establishments across the board; building dynamic partnerships and helping them to reduce costs, as well as channel precious resources efficiently.

Working with Healthcare Equipment Leasing Services can be of great benefit to clients including:

  • Care Homes
  • Private Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
  • Hospices
  • Special Needs Education Providers

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Medical equipment leasing – access the funds you need, when you need them.

Unlike direct purchase, leasing of equipment allows a business to spread costs over a predetermined period and removes the need to pay upfront for what is, after all, a depreciating asset. Leasing also allows a business to treat the acquisition of new equipment as a revenue source, rather than a capital expense.

Leasing is ideal for a business that will benefit from fixing expenditure on new equipment, at a constant rate for the duration of the leasing agreement. A budget can be allocated in the knowledge that costs will not fluctuate or escalate in the same way that can often happen with direct purchase.

Essential capital resources can be preserved and redirected to other important aspects of running or even developing and expanding a functional patient care service.

Can medical equipment leasing benefit you?

Budget forecasting and the allocation of funding for replacement equipment is a challenge that many care providers face. Especially from a capital budget built on tight financial constraints.

Not only is equipment degradation and failure hard to predict. Preventing it from affecting patient care, requires resource-intensive asset management systems that work effectively, and a sizeable contingency budget set aside for unscheduled or emergency repairs and maintenance.

Attempting to juggle and prioritise contingencies built into what is often a very lean budget is precarious, but an all-too-common situation for many care establishments to be in.

An inability to repair and replace essential equipment reflects badly on a care provider but more importantly, essential patient care services can be affected.

Leasing equipment in a healthcare setting may provide a route out of this type of financial and operational uncertainty.

The benefits of leasing healthcare equipment

Medaco health equipment leasing

At Medaco, we have over 3 decades of experience building productive working partnerships with a range of healthcare providers. Our aim has always been to offer services that support our clients in their main role of providing excellent care to service users.

Over time we have developed asset management and condition reporting systems that have taken the burden of monitoring, auditing, and inspecting essential equipment away from our clients and allowed them to concentrate on the important job of caring for patients.

We have a highly skilled team of engineers working throughout England and Wales to keep our clients and their equipment up and running and allow them to deliver consistent care to their clients.

With the introduction of our medical equipment leasing service, we offer the opportunity for our clients to not only have access to the latest and best equipment available but also to dovetail that with our existing statutory and preventative inspection, maintenance, and repair services. We can now effectively manage your equipment from acquisition right through to disposal.

Over 30% of all capital equipment purchased in the UK, is now leased, so making the switch to leasing is proving to be a popular choice. Our leasing service provides easy and convenient access to:

  • Assisted Baths / Bath hoist / Pool hoists.
  • Ceiling hoists
  • Couches / Changing beds / Shower trolleys.
  • Mobile hoists / Stand aids / Transfer aids
  • Profiling beds
  • Sluice machines / Bedpan washers

Visit our product pages to browse the range of top-quality care equipment and accessories we offer for sale. Why not get in touch to see how leasing might be able to give you quick and easy access to these products?

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