Ceiling Hoists

Ceiling track hoists or overhead hoists are one of the simplest and safest patient moving and handling equipment. They are popular in care settings and schools, as well as more frequently in leisure and public facilities in changing places.

On this page, we present our comprehensive range of ceiling hoists and overhead ceiling track systems. At Medaco, we offer the supply, installation, and ongoing servicing of a full range of ceiling-mounted hoist options including:

Portable ceiling hoists that can be easily removed from one track and attached to another;
Fixed track hoists and track systems including the ‘H’ system and ‘room to room’ system that can extend a hoist track beyond a single room;
Bariatric heavy-duty overhead hoist systems capable of supporting weights up to 400kg and beyond;

Benefits of the Ceiling Hoist System

A ceiling track hoist is an essential tool in many care settings. It provides the ability to not only move service users safely from one position to another within a single room but also to transfer them between rooms.
A ceiling hoist that offers multi-room coverage in a single transfer provides access to private toileting and bathing facilities that may not otherwise be possible; preserving dignity and putting the emotional and physical well-being of the service user at the forefront of care services.
Ceiling track hoists also offer many benefits in terms of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Assisting with gait and ambulation training and giving service users essential confidence and support when undertaking the first steps on the road to recovery from serious injuries.
A ceiling-mounted hoist is unobtrusive and helps maintain essential floor space in a care setting where a less cluttered environment is a safer environment.
Because it runs in a track and unlike a portable mobile hoist, does not need to be pushed over problematic surfaces, a ceiling hoist provides a much smoother patient transition method. Not only is this beneficial for a patient with painful injuries, but it is also a much more convenient and safer experience for the caregiver.
A ceiling hoist offers a much more flexible height range than other types of hoists. This provides positive benefits in terms of patient handling as well as being safer for the caregiver.

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