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Specialist Healthcare Equipment Maintenance

Our regular servicing and preventative maintenance of equipment ensure continued safety, helps prolong equipment lifetime, minimises the risk of downtime and emergency call-outs, so you and your users get more for your investment.

We have direct access to all the major suppliers and can service equipment from any of them. Centralise your servicing – get better rates, faster service and streamline billing. Reducing admin is one of the easiest ways to reduce costs, put it into practice with our service contract.

Patient Equipment LOLER sticker

LOLER Inspections

Under the LOLER 1998 regulations, you need to service and inspect your hoists and lifting accessories every six months. You can remove the hassle of remembering when your equipment needs servicing by taking out a patient handling equipment servicing contract with us. Using our powerful software system we send you alerts when your equipment needs servicing; and then attend site at your convenience to complete the works – one less thing for you to think about!

Steve Smallridge Maintenance Engineer

Asset Management and Condition Reporting

With our Service Contract’s you also get access to our asset management, and condition reporting. Contact us at any time to check your records, see what tasks are outstanding or schedule a repair. Ideal for audits and inspections, you have access to your records when you need them, wherever you are.

Receiving a yearly equipment condition audit, followed by a condition report can help you develop forecasting and budgeting for replacement of equipment to help achieve lean operational efficiencies.