Bariatric Equipment

Caring for plus size individuals is a substantial but increasingly necessary challenge for health care providers and places considerable pressure on available resources. It also highlights the need for more niche bariatric equipment and additional staffing requirements.

Access to specialist equipment is needed to ensure your care environment is equipped and ready to deliver safe and dignified care to anyone who comes into your care establishment.

Equipment from this range is made by the same leading manufacturers as other equipment but with considerations such as the size and strength of the equipment needed, including increased safe working loads. This not only protects the service user but also reduces the increased risk of injury to your care staff during moving and handling tasks.

Bariatric equipment helps to:

  • Promote comfort and dignity for the service user
  • Improve the safety of care staff and service users
  • Respond to the changing needs of the population

If you are struggling to find the bariatric solutions you need, contact us to see how we can help. We also offer bariatric equipment packages if you need to kit out a whole room. We work closely with leading manufacturers so can source other equipment for heavier patients if needed.

Medaco is offering product demonstrations of bariatric solutions to care home providers, hospices, and other care settings. Please note, we may need to hold the demo virtually from our office at this current time but will confirm this with you when we make contact to arrange the demo.

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