Patient Slings

Patient slings are an essential element in the patient lifting and handling capability of any care establishment dealing with injury and disability. Using a range of attachment methods, these transfer and transport slings connect to patient hoists, ceiling hoists, spreader bars, positioning cradles, and all manner of manual and mechanised patient lifting and transfer assistance equipment.

Without proper oversight, planning, and attention to detail, transfer slings could become the weak point in the lifting process, rather than providing the intended safety and stability for the service user.

Bear in mind that these are hoists and slings for disabled, severely injured, and elderly people. This is why it is so important to choose the right sling for a particular purpose, check and maintain it, and replace it when it has come to the end of its operational life.

On this page we are focusing on our range of slings, what they are intended for, and how to provide that essential attention to detail that puts patient and staff safety at the forefront of excellent care practice.

You can also check out our helpful advice on the different types of patient slings available.

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