Maintaining Your Ceiling Hoist

Published On: 9th April 2019

Maintaining your ceiling hoist correctly helps to prolong its life and use. We’ve rounded up a list of 4 things you can do that make maintaining the ceiling hoist easy and convenient.

1. Charging your ceiling hoist

Once the hoist has been used, simply plug the handset back into the holder and charging will start immediately (or slide the hoist back to the charging corner). The hoist docking station also acts as the charging station, making it very easy to charge and keeping the handset (or hoist) neatly out of the way whilst not in use. Remember to ensure that the hoist is kept on charge whenever it is not in use.

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2. Prolonging the life of the lift tape

When hoisting, ensure that the lifting tape is lifting vertically. Lifting at an angle could damage the sides of the tape, reducing its lifespan.

Most hoists have a ‘safety cut-off’ function implemented which stops the hoist from being used when the strap is pulled either 45 degrees outside along the rail, or 10 degrees across the rail. The safety cut-off not only prevents the user from carrying out an unsafe lift but also prolongs the life of the lift tape.

All hoists that are used in a pool environment will be fitted with an ‘anti-corrosion’ strap. This strap has an anti-corrosive coat meaning it will last longer, making it rot and mildew resistant.

3. Move the ceiling hoist safely!

Avoid using the handset cable to move the hoist along the track, as this can cause charging (or button) problems with the hoist and a faulty handset. Bring the lifting hanger over to where the person is to be lifted instead.

For more tips on the safe use of hoists, check out this video.

4. Cleaning and maintenance

The soft design and hard shell of most ceiling hoists allow them to be cleaned quickly. Simply clean with a damp cloth and ordinary detergent. Do not use strong acids, bases, or alcohol when cleaning.

The white wipe clean finish of the ceiling hoist enables it to blend into any environment and the simple design means that you can keep it clean, sparkling and infection-free with ease.

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