Lifecycle management of your
patient handling equipment assets.

Most transport companies have fleet management in place, because their vehicles are critical to daily operation. We think that every care establishment deserves the same for its fleet of patient handling equipment.

Selection, lifetime monitoring and maintenance, replacement before unreliability sets in, and accessible information about the condition of any item at all times – these would be normal expectations of good fleet management. If other sectors regard it as standard, why should the care sector do without?

That’s why we established Assetain. Because we believe that care environments deserve better.

Enabling quality care, every caring day.

The 3 primary aims of Assetain:

  • 1

    To provide total visibility of your assets and their condition at all times.

  • 2

    To avoid overspending on asset maintenance.

  • 3

    To enable forward-planning and budgeting for asset replacement.

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Maintaining optimum
equipment uptime with Assetain.

Working with care home groups, NHS Trusts and SEN schools for over 25 years, we know how important it is to always have fully operational equipment. But achieving that requires a comprehensive plan – more than just an inspection-and-repair arrangement.

Assetain is the first fully-comprehensive programme that takes care of whole asset registers of patient handling equipment, managing each item from initial supply, throughout its maintained lifespan and up to planned obsolescence.

Assetain gives you peace of mind and enables proactive planning and budgeting.


The specifics of Assetain

The level of support within Assetain can be tailored to your needs and budgets, but here are the essential elements of the programme that make the practical difference to your asset management:

The Assetain process

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Assetain gives you complete peace of mind that your patient handling assets are covered.

But the idea of ‘fleet management’ is completely new to our industry, so we expect you’ll have some questions about the specifics.

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