PPE Supply Agreements

Fix your PPE supply costs today

Are you ready for a second wave? Beat any future price rises and availability issues by securing your personal protective equipment (PPE supply) in three easy steps!

STEP 1 – Confirm your PPE supply demand

Browse the PPE products and using the form below, confirm your likely requirements each month. These include:

  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Face shields
  • Disposable aprons

STEP 2 – Purchase 3-6-month supply at today’s prices

The demand for PPE is not going away but there is uncertainty as to whether there will be an increase in coming months. If this happens, PPE prices could increase as a result. By securing an order of PPE whilst supply is good, you can ensure you pay the same price throughout your agreed duration.

STEP 3 – Receive monthly delivery and invoicing

Take all the hassle out of needing to source PPE supplies each month with our monthly delivery and invoicing. This ensures you won’t run low on supplies and can guarantee you pay the same price today as you will in 6 months, no matter what may happen.

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