Ceiling Track Hoist

Ceiling Track Hoists | What are the Key Benefits of Using an Overhead Hoist

Published On: 14th August 2019

Ceiling Track Hoists – What are the key benefits of them?

Ceiling Track Hoists have a magnitude of benefits, such as improving safety, independence and can prove to be more pleasing aesthetically than a mobile hoist.

Selecting the correct patient hoisting equipment is key to delivering premier care, and ultimately creating better outcomes for your service users.   

That’s why we’re exploring the many advantages of using a ceiling track hoist rather than a mobile hoist – helping you make intelligent buying decisions to get the most out of your investment.   

Considering a new ceiling hoist installation for your care home?


Ease of Use 

Ceiling track hoists are very beneficial, primarily because they are easier to use. Overhead hoists don’t require pushing across carpets and manoeuvring around other environmental obstacles such as cables, rugs, furniture, etc. 

Single-handed Care 

Using a ceiling track hoist can reduce the number of carers needed by the patient from 2 to 1, which is highly recommended if care is being provided by the local authority. Therefore, this equipment can significantly reduce long-term care costs for the person, allowing them to improve their quality of life in other areas. (Note: A thorough risk assessment must be carried out to determine if single-handed care is the right method. Even with a ceiling hoist, the service user may need 2 carers).


For individuals with sound upper body mobility (such as amputees), self-hoisting might be a good option – which takes the strain off the carer and means that they can have more independence. This, of course, can only be done with a ceiling track hoist and a thorough risk assessment. 


Another advantage of a ceiling track hoist is that they are fixed to the ceiling and therefore out of the way. Whilst mobile hoists often require valuable floor space when not in use.   

Improves Dignity  

Mobile hoisting can sometimes feel imposing, frightening, and uncomfortable for the user. A ceiling hoist doesn’t have quite the same impact due to there being less of it in the user’s personal space. 


Ceiling track hoists are great for providing access throughout a building for those that have mobility problems or disabilities. If a person is having trouble standing and moving about due to an illness or ongoing disability, a hoist may be very helpful to transfer them from one place to another. 

Ceiling Track Hoist Servicing and Repair 

Here at Medaco, we are experts in providing a range of dedicated care products from many leading manufacturers, including profiling beds, mobile hoists, track hoists, and baths. We’re also experts in ceiling track hoist servicing and repair and mobile hoist servicing and repair. 

If you are looking for a ceiling track hoist for use in your home, we have a great range of quality, well-designed, functional track hoists that will make getting around that bit easier for you. If you need your ceiling track hoist servicing or repairing, we can help there too.