Clip fixing slings

On this page, we feature the range of top-quality clip fixing slings available from Medaco.

A clip-fixing is a quick and convenient way to connect a sling to a hoist. The spreader bar attached to the hoist features studs that are used to attach the clip fixing sling. Normally the spreader bar will have 4 attachment studs and the slings, up to 4 fixing clips.

When attaching the sling to a lifting device, the clip is pressed into the stud and makes a clearly audible sound when it is safely attached.


Clips are often a feature of the full-body sling with head support but there are a variety of slings for different purposes that also use clip fixings. These include:

  1. Access slings
  2. Full body slings, including the Hybrid sling
  3. Disposable slings

Different makes of stud hoists and spreader bars may have different size studs so it is important that you are aware of this, and choose a compatible sling for your hoist or spreader bar.

The clip-fixing slings featured on this page are compatible with the range of mobile hoists such as the Oxford Presence Mobile Hoist available from Medaco.

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