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Oxford Tubular Slide Sheet

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Reduce frictions and shear during patient transfers with this ultra-low friction tubular slide sheet. The also reduce manual handling effort and strain on carers.

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Made from a strong, ultra-low friction nylon fabric, the Oxford tubular slide sheet supports patient transfers and fitting of slings. They are invaluable when moving someone through a manual transfer such as on and off a bed. They also assist with patient repositioning such as sitting up or laying down. Finally, slide sheets aid in fitting a patient sling to your service users who may have vulnerable skin conditions or pressure ulcers.

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Washable
  • Tubular design – low friction material is sewn in a continuous tube. This allows the material to glide against itself in a continuous movement and negates the need for 2 slide sheets to be used. As is the case for flat sheets.

How do slide sheets work?

Slide Sheets consists of two layers of ultra-low friction nylon material that work together to reduce friction. As your service user is moved, one layer stays in contact with them whilst the other layer stays in contact with the supporting surface. This allows the material to slide against itself rather than the service user’s skin, thus reducing friction and shear and reducing the strain and effort on the care staff.

The benefits of slide sheets:

Selecting the appropriate Slide Sheet and correctly using them will reduce friction and shear to your patient’s skin, thus reducing the risk of tissue injuries. This in turn will improve the care experience and health outcomes for the patient. In addition to the benefits to the patient, there are also benefits to the care staff performing the patient transfer or reposition. Using manual handling aids in the appropriate way when indicated, will reduce the force and effort required to complete a task and thus reduce the risk of injury to the clinicians/care staff involved in carrying out the tasks. This extract is taken from the Clinical Review of Slide Sheets from the NHS Clinical Evaluation Team, (2018).

Additional Information:

Safe storage of the Oxford tubular slide sheet is essential as they are made of slippery material and can be hazardous. These sheets should not be left on the floor or under an unattended patient but should be stowed where they can be easily retrieved but will not cause accidents.

An OT or moving and handling specialists will be able to tell you about how important it is to use sliding sheets when repositioning an individual. If you’re unsure if these are right for your care setting, get in touch with Medaco today.

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