Reval Cocoon Ergo Bath


Functional high dependency bathing technology, with posture management built into its design, to improve patient outcomes and wellbeing.

Safe working load: 130 kg

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The Reval Cocoon Ergo Bath bathing system raises the bar with several new and unique innovations designed to improve patient outcomes and wellbeing within the high dependency care environment.

Transform your bathing experience with the new Cocoon bath, with Ergo and Keyhole tub designs. Aroma, Hydro, Colour and AudioSpa options offer relaxing, safe, high dependency bathing, combined with a market-leading 3-year warranty.

The Ergo model has been developed so that a patient can be positioned in the bath “Cocooned” by the tub’s fully supportive contours which provide excellent posture management and a safe comfortable bathing experience.

Therapeutic options:
The Reval Cocoon Ergo Bath assisted bath can be equipped with the four therapy options; Aroma, Hydro, Colour and AudioSpa. These features can be integrated individually or in combination to suit your budget or the specific patient outcomes you wish to achieve.

Infection Control during bathing:
Preventing cross-contamination during the bathing process can be a challenge in busy care environments where the specialist bath is in constant use. But it is crucial in high dependency units where the most vulnerable are cared for. This bath has been designed to minimise infection. From fully moulded units with concealed seams and rounded edges to in-built disinfection systems and hands-free or foot-operated controls, our equipment is anti-contamination intelligent.
With Sense technology incorporated into all the Reval bathing systems, the control panels are touch-free and have a thermal disinfection function that further limits the spread of bacteria and microbes, ensuring hygiene at the highest level.

Key Features:

• Innovative Ergo design built to increase posture management
• User-friendly, digital touchless controls
• Sensitive Mixer
• Thermostatic mixer
• Automatic water level controls
• Therapeutic functions are available: Hydrotherapy, Audio Therapy, Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy.
• Integrated disinfection unit
• WRAS Certified integrated thermostatic water controls
• Compatible with a wide range of mobile and ceiling hoists


• Variable height from 75 to 100cm
• Ergonomic tub with no-slip concept and an extra height on the legs
• Water volume for 20cm of height of water: 101 litres
• Water volume for 29cm of height of water: 175 litres
• Max. water volume until the overflow line: 228 litres
• Draining time: 4 min

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