Sensaflex 4000 Gel Topped Foam Mattress – Very High Risk


The Sensaflex 4000 Gel Topped Foam Mattress is a very high-risk profiling foam mattress built with a high-density base, foam centre and a castellated gel memory foam top.

Safe working load: 200 kg
Size: 198L x 90W x 16Hcm

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The sophisticated mattress design provides effective comfort, care and pressure redistribution for very high-risk users. The Sensaflex 4000 Gel Topped Foam Mattress is designed to be used with profiling beds in hospitals, nursing and care home environments, as well as hospices.
Made with a section of v-cut memory foam, this creates additional air movement for enhanced pressure relieving properties.
This mattress will help with effective protection from pressure sores for those at very high risk.

Gel Topped Foam:

The Sensaflex 4000 comes with a gel foam top made from viscoelastic foam mixed with gel beads to provide extra support and reduce heat buildup. The gel foam offers immediate spring back allowing for full-body support and distribution. With its highly flexible and responsive structure, it offers support yet prevents pressure point build-up, to assist with optimal pressure relief for very high-risk service users. It also helps to regulate temperature, reducing sweat and moisture affecting skin integrity, by allowing air to pass through its structure easily.

Supplied with a protective vapour permeable PU cover:

To improve the quality of care, a durable multi-stretch waterproof cover is fitted to the Sensaflex 4000 Gel Topped Foam Mattress. The cover is antimicrobial which helps in reducing bacterial and odour. It is also machine washable to keep your service user’s environment sanitary. The mattress cover is also designed with a white underside to make it easier to identify fluid ingress and strikethrough.
To launder the cover in a washing machine, set the main wash to 65 Degrees Celsius for no less than 10 minutes or 95 Degrees Celsius for no less than 3 minutes. The cover can be tumble dried on low heat and the temperature must not exceed 60 Degrees Celsius. The foam can be autoclaved at 134 Degrees Celsius.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Gel Topped Castellated Memory Foam Mattress allows better support and pressure relief for very high-risk users
  • Water-resistant and machine washable cover
  • Antimicrobial cover with a white underside
  • All components are BS7177: Crib 5 tested for fire safety
  • Supplied vacuum rolled to minimise the required storage space

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 198 x 90 x 16cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 200kg
  • Minimum load capacity: 350kg
Delivery Information

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