How to Compare Supplier Quotes for Installations and Projects [Checklist and Details]

Published On: 12th April 2022

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When comparing quotes for suppliers, there is so much to consider. In this article, we explain some of the considerations you should think about when comparing supplier quotes for installation projects.

Of course, you’ll be looking at price to make sure it fits your budget but this shouldn’t be the only factor when selecting a supplier to partner with.

If you run a care facility such as a Care Home, Hospital or SEND School, you will likely have installed equipment such as ceiling hoists and assisted baths, or looking to install these in future new build projects. The factors below highlight what you should be looking at when comparing quotes from ceiling hoists or assisted bath suppliers.


Understanding your Requirements

For equipment installation projects, each supplier must base their quotes on the same information and specifications so that you can make a true side-by-side comparison of each company’s capabilities and pricing. This includes the specification of the equipment as well as any additional benefits or extras that come with the installation. For example, full project management, trained installation engineers, turn-key solutions etc.

Make sure you check to see if every supplier is quoting for the same work i.e. supply, installation and de-installation of equipment to ensure you are comparing like-for-like quotations.

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Expertise and Knowledge

Make sure you fully understand the expertise and knowledge each supplier has. Do they have experience with similar work in the industry? Have you worked with them before on similar or other projects? Are they willing to provide references that you can reach out to?

This is important to consider before you commit to a supplier and will pay off in the long run when you build a long term relationship with a supplier you can trust.

Project Timelines

Project timelines are very important. Especially for larger installation projects that have many dependencies, or might need more materials and labour as it grows. Or smaller projects that need to be completed before a service user arrives at your facility.

Make sure the suppliers can commit to meeting your deadlines by asking them the following questions:

  • What process do you have in place to commit to the timelines for delivery and installation?
  • Can you obtain the necessary stock required in time?
  • Do you employ your own workforce or will subcontractors carry out the installation work?
  • If using subcontractors – How are they vetted for DBS checks, insurance etc. and how do you maintain control of the project?
  • How will you communicate throughout the project?
  • What happens if you miss the agreed project timeline?

Warranties and Guarantees

Make sure you have a clear understanding of both the manufacturer’s and supplier’s warranty policies on workmanship, components and materials. This can affect the whole life cost of the equipment, which can often be overlooked, not just the upfront costs.

It stands true in most industries that the longer the warranty is on equipment, the better quality the equipment will be.

Hidden Costs

Ensure you fully understand everything that is included within the quote so that you’re not faced with hidden costs further down the line. This is important when comparing different suppliers as some will itemise their quotes whereas others will put together one package total. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in each so you’re comparing like-for-like.

Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility are key factors to consider when comparing suppliers. Whilst the cheapest may seem the most appealing to start with, make sure you know they can deliver exactly what you require, without any additional costs along the way.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel like you can trust the suppliers to meet the quality of work expected?
  • Can you trust they will commit to keeping the project on track and within the agreed budget?
  • Will they deliver an installation that meets your requirements both short and long term?
  • What accreditations do they hold?

The supplier you choose should hold the appropriate Health and Safety certifications such as CHAS, Constructionline and Safecontractor, as well as Quality Policies such as ISO9001.

If your care facility has started thinking about its environmental impact, then also check the supplier has the same values. For example, they could have the Environmental Management Systems Policy ISO 14001-2015 which helps businesses improve their environmental performance and reduce the impact they have on the environment.


Hopefully, this list highlights the important things to consider with your next quote comparison.

Make sure you go back to suppliers with questions and feedback to allow them to explain their quotes and counter-offer if needed. This ensures you are comparing a like-for-like quote, as well as getting the best price, for the level of work you want that meets all your requirements.

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