Loop Fixing Slings

Here we feature our full range of loop fixing slings for use with loop fixing hoists and spreader bars. These loop slings are suitable for service users who need lifting support and can support themselves in the trunk and neck regions.

The loop sling is designed to be used in conjunction with a mechanical patient lifting hoist as an aid to safe lifting or repositioning of a service user. Loop slings are also useful to assist carers when they need to manoeuvre service users without directly touching painful or infected areas.

At Medaco, we carefully select our stock to offer our customers slings of the highest quality and safety standards. When you purchase from us you can expect the sling to be comfortable, constructed from high-quality materials and with utmost attention given to the strength and safety of seams, fastenings and the loops themselves.

Advantages of Loop Slings

Loop slings have many advantages when used for everyday patient handling routines.

They are versatile and provide a convenient method of attachment to either 2, 4, or 6 point spreader bars. As a general rule the greater the number of suspension points for attaching the loop sling onto the spreader bar, the easier it will be to position the client comfortably and safely.

The loops are normally colour coded which makes them relatively quick and easy to use. As well as helping with accurate positioning, simple loop adjustment helps with fine-tuning angles to ensure that the service user is comfortable, secure and stable at all times.

The versatility of the loop sling means that they come in wide-ranging varieties and encompass just about any lifting requirement.

Main Types of Loop Sling

The Universal Sling supports the whole body in a comfortable slightly reclined position during a lift or transfer. The standard universal sling supports the whole body including the shoulders. The high standard universal sling supports the body but also supports the head in a stable and comfortable position.

The Toileting Sling offers support to the leg and thighs and normally utilises a belt to provide extra support to the service user in the upright position. Also known as an access sling, the toileting sling allows for dressing and undressing while the sling remains in place.

The Standing Lift Sling assists patients with standing, walking and toileting activity. The sling supports the patient under the arms and around the upper body. It is particularly useful when attached to an overhead hoist such as a ceiling-mounted hoist, to help patients with some weight-bearing ability gain the confidence to practise walking and regain some movement during rehabilitation.

Do you Need Further Assistance?

Medaco is a full-service company supplying and servicing mechanical patient lifting equipment and compatible slings and harnesses since 1998.

If you have any questions about our range of slings or any other service we offer, we invite you to visit our resource page where we have put together lots of useful information. You can also Telephone us on 033 33 22 33 44 and speak to one of our helpful and knowledgeable advisers.

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