Oxford In-Situ Sling

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The Oxford In-Situ hammock style sling is suitable for fitting from a lying down position and can be used as an all-day sling.

Safe working load: 227 kg

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The Oxford In-Situ is a hammock-style sling suitable for fitting from a recumbent position only. Made from a cushioned and breathable 3D woven ‘Spacer’ material with high air permeability, offering high levels of comfort. Suitable for the lifting of amputees following careful assessment.

• Sling design contributes to minimised pressure points
• Integrated pommel offers added patient security
• Colour coded binding indicates sling size
• Integrated storage pockets for sling straps
• Coloured attachment loops promote correct/safe positioning
• Can be customised to fulfil patient-specific needs
• Contoured sides help reduce material interference with seating systems
• Embroidered label attached to the sling, designed to reduce the fading of important information on the label through frequent washing

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