FloorBed 2 Profiling Bed


Enabling independence without compromising care

Safe working load: 185 kg
Weight: 93.2 kg
Size: 225.5L x 92.5W cm

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With an ultra-low mattress platform giving a height of only 71 mm, the FloorBed 2 Profiling Bed helps to significantly reduce the risk of injury if a person rolls out of bed. The FloorBed 2 offers all the features of a fully functioning profiling bed, with an even higher nursing height of 800 mm.

  • The low headboards give greater access for care staff at the head and foot end, when at nursing height.
  • FloorBed 2 raises to 800 mm which facilitates an even safer working height for taller carers.
  • The height of the head and footboard when FloorBed 2 is at full height is 1100 mm.
  • The low head and footboard enable access for care tasks such as hair care and lower limb dressing.
  • Low head and footboard will facilitate access to sliding sheets at the head or foot of the bed allowing single carer use to reposition a person up or down the bed.

Technical Specifications:

• Adjustable height range: 71 to 800 mm
• Overall dimension: 925 x 2255 mm (36.4 x 88.8 in)
• Mattress size: 900 x 2000 mm (35.4 x 78.7 in)
• Maximum patient weight: 150 kg (24 st)
• Profiling functions: Backrest with Auto-regression, Kneebreak, Anti-Trendelenburg, Trendelenburg

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