Seca 959 Chair Scale


The comfortable seat provides a safe position while the swiveling armrests and adjustable footrests make the chair scale more user-friendly

Safe working load: 300 kg

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959 Chair Scales designed for consideration and comfort – these are particularly prominent aspects of this extremely stable model with its circular steel tube frame.

959 Chair Scales have a comfortable seat that provides a safe position, the separately swivelling armrests make it easy to move the patient from the bed onto the chair scale and the fold-away footrests increase ease of operation. The locking rear wheels ensure that it is safe to sit down and stand up at all times.

The positioning of the large LCD unit behind the chair makes it easy to read and the many functions (including BMI) leave nothing to be desired. This mobile chair scale, with power adapter or rechargeable battery power supply, is an invaluable aid everywhere: in the rehabilitation centre, orthopaedic department, dialysis centre, at nursing homes and in paediatrics. For example, small children who are not yet able to stand can be weighed comfortably while sitting. The practical pouch 471 attached to the scale stores the power adapter. The 959 is also available with an integrated RS232 interface.

With the 360º wireless technology the 959 can transmit measurements to the optional 360º wireless printer. With the network-capable software solutions analytics 115 or EMR flash 101 and wireless USB adapter 456, your PC can receive and analyze measurements and forward them to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Thus the 959 is EMR integrated and ready to handle digital patient records and all the demands the future will bring.

Key Features:

• Generously sized platform and very high capacity
• Suitable for weighing persons in a wheelchair or on a chair
• Compatible with all EMR systems
• Flexible cable remote display
• Transport castors
• Capacity: 300 kg
• Graduation Weight: 100 g < 200 kg > 200 g
• Weight: 27 kg
• Power supply: Power Adaptor
• Dimensions: 904 x 70 x 1.064 mm

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