Walk-in Baths - What's the best solution for me?

Assisted Baths – What’s the best solution for me?

Published On: 9th April 2019

Assisted baths are a great alternative solution to adding a bath lift or seat to your existing bathtub. There are many baths available with a door in the side, often with a built-in seat as well, which are much easier and safer to access.

Compact Baths

Compact baths have a smart, tempered door and slip-resistant floor. It provides a deep soak while allowing users to bathe in an upright position. It can be installed in really small bathrooms, where a larger bath would not fit.

View our compact height adjustable bath

Full-Length Baths

Where space permits and the user has enough mobility to manage without a seat, a full-length assisted bath enables you to lie back and soak.

The low threshold door is made from tempered glass with a simple push and pull locking mechanism. Being a low level makes it easier to step in and out of the tub. Take a look at our assisted bathing product range here.

All-in-One Bath and Shower

The stylishly designed unit which combines bath and shower in one enables both facilities to be provided even in a modestly-proportioned bathroom.

The contour shaped tubs with a toughened glass screen at one end gives generous space for showering, and the bath is long enough to recline fully for a soak. Take a look at our integrated thermostatically controlled patient showers here.

Cocoon and Keyhole Models

Developed so that a patient can be fully supported by the bath contours, which provide excellent posture management and a safe comfortable bathing experience. The ergonomically shaped bath also allows a patient to immerse deeper into the bath, providing a more comfortable and relaxing experience. The design provides more working space for care workers, making bath tasks more user-friendly and comfortable for care workers. Discover our range of Cocoon and Keyhole baths here.

Side Panel Baths

An alternative to a walk-in bath, the side panel drops down to become a load-bearing seat, enabling access to the tub for both ambulant and wheelchair users who could transfer across, perhaps with some assistance. Once the user is in the bath the side panel closes and the bath can be filled.

View our range of side panel baths

Other Features to Consider

An optional feature which appeals to an increasing number of users is hydrotherapy massage. Several suppliers now offer this in some or all of their walk-in baths. The massaging action of millions of bubbles can help improve circulation, ease aching muscles and provide some relief from the pain of arthritis or rheumatism.

A warm air body dryer may be helpful for people with mobility and dexterity problems, for whom towel drying can be difficult. Painful skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis could also be eased. The dryer draws in warm air while the bath or shower is running, then expels it when required to dry the body in minutes.

One Last to Think About

Bear in mind that you will need to wait in the bath while it fills and empties, so check that both operations can be accomplished as quickly as possible!

For those seeking an assisted bath, there are many different types that not only accommodate the users’ needs but also match your budget. Contact us to discuss your needs and become a step closer to a bathroom that operates at its fullest capacity.