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Bath Hoist | How to Choose the Right Bath Hoist

Published On: 23rd July 2019

A bath hoist can be an essential bathing aid to invest in, as they offer a solution to getting in and out of the bath with limited mobility. For independent bathing as well as being able to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub, a bath hoist or bath cushion is a fundamental piece of equipment that can offer the elderly or disabled the choice to take a safe and comfortable bath.  

 What is a bath hoist? 

A bath hoist or bathing cushion is a bathing aid that gently lowers the user into the bottom of the bath so that they are submerged in the water as normal. The bath lift will then lift the user to the top of the bath when finished so they can safely get out again. Electric bath hoists and inflatable bathing cushions are usually operated by the user or a carer, with a waterproof remote control that is easy to use. The bath hoist can be secured to the bottom of the bath by fixing its strong suction cups that sit underneath the seat. Bath hoists and bath cushions often come with a rechargeable battery. They also offer safety features where, if there is not enough battery to raise the hoist, it will not lower the user in the first place, so no event occurs where the user gets stuck at the bottom of the bath.  

Why should I choose a bath hoist? 

If you have limited mobility or are finding it difficult when getting in and out of the bath, a bath lift or inflatable bath cushion could be a suitable choice. A bath hoist with a backrest also suitable for anyone who experiences dizziness or balance problems as it offers a seated platform to lower yourself into the tub. When using a bath hoist, you need to be able to maintain a seated position and lift your legs over the side of the bath while seated. 

Would you like a reclining bath hoist?  

Not all bath hoists recline, so if this is an important feature you require, be sure to choose a bath lift that has this option. A reclining bath lift will  lower you into the bath in an upright position, then when at the lowest point, you will have the option to recline the backrest. 

If you prefer a non-reclining option, the Mermaid Bath Hoist features a sturdy, upright backrest with smooth up-down transfer motion.   

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Do you require a transfer board to get onto the bath hoist?

If a transfer aid is required for getting onto and off of the bath lift from a wheelchair, always see the accessory options as many of the bath hoists feature optional or built-in swivel seats or transfer boards.   

Do you want an electric bath lift or inflatable bathing cushion?

Electric bath hoists tend to have the most variety of styles and designs however a popular alternative is a Bathing Cushion. As they feature a comfortable, inflating seat and back however are only suitable if you have good balance and trunk control to help maintain an upright posture when raising and lowering yourself into the bath.  

  Benefits of an electric bath hoist:  

  • Strong and stable frame 
  • Padded, stylish covers 
  • Optional add-on’s such as swivel seats 
  • Reclining options 
  • Side flaps extend across the width of bath 

  Benefits of a bathing cushion: 

  • Inflatable, comfortable seat and headrest 
  • Transportable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Option to keep air in when lowered 

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