Oxford Mermaid Bath Hoist


The Oxford Mermaid is a fixed bath-side hoist that enables patients to safely and easily transfer in and out of the bath.

Safe working load: 125 kg

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The Oxford Mermaid Bath Hoist is a durable, fixed hoist which attaches to the side of the bath.

Oxford Mermaid Bath Hoist is a fixed bath-side hoist that enables patients to safely and easily transfer in and out of the bath. With a choice of configurations and fixing options, the Mermaid is suitable for the majority of bath-side locations.

The Mermaid bath hoist can be installed either beside the bath (side fit) or at one of the ends of the bath (end fit) depending on available space and how your bathroom is configured. It is important to choose the correct option when ordering to ensure compatibility with your bath.

You may also choose between a manually operated lifting mechanism with a simple winder or the battery powered electric system which operates via an easy to use handset.

The electric model only powers the up and down mechamism and the carer is still required to manually swing the seat over the bath before lowering it using the handset.

The Oxford Mermaid Bath Hoist can be used with either a fixed seat option or the Ranger Transporter system which provides easy access to bath-side and also be used as a toileting aid and is available with several options including over toilet or commode use when fitted with optional commode pan.

Additional accessories including a fabric footrest, bed pan, shower seat and safety harness are also available.

Key Features:

• Safe working load 125kg / 20st / 276lbs
• Wooden and concrete floor fixings supplied as standard
• Choice of electric or manual options
• Optional side or end fit configuration
• Choice of fixed seat or Ranger Transporter system
• Lap strap for patient safety
• Optional safety harness for added security
• Emergency stop/emergency raise (electric model only)
• Detachable battery pack (electric model only)
• Electric retro-fit kit available

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