Barella Bariatric Shower Trolley


The Barella Bariatric shower trolley is an extremely stable trolley designed for showering persons of size.

Safe working load: 225 kg

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Barella Bariatric Shower Trolley has a 225kg weight capacity. It’s electrically operated and features a flat platform and central braking.

Barella Bariatric Shower Trolley can be used for both transport and showering and has an increased SWL (Safe Working Load) of 225kg. This is an electrically operated version with a rechargeable battery and can be height adjusted and put into tilt in both directions through the hand control. The whole frame has a special anti-corrosion treatment making it suitable for the most demanding environments. The mattress base is plastic ABS; side rails, fasteners are stainless steel and the washable casters have inner guards.

Safety side rails are provided with a locking device and can be easily folded down with one hand when moving patients from bed to stretcher. The overall width can also be effortlessly reduced by attendants when transporting through doorways by folding in the side rails.

The stretcher has a plug with a 150cm water drainage hose and drainage can be aided through tilting the trolley.

Casters are 15cm in diameter and have a central locking mechanism which also provides a directional lock to aid steering.

Key Features of the Barella Bariatric Shower Trolley:

  • 225kg SWL
  • Battery powered
  • Generous platform size
  • Twin lifting actuators
  • Folding end-rail option
  • Folding side rails as standard
  • Hygienic hose design
  • Trendelenburg / Anti Trendelenburg Functions operated through the handset

Bespoke trolleys are also available, i.e. the Adult Barella trolley with the extra-wide platform – please email to discuss the combinations available.

Bariatric Shower Trolley Specifications:

Platform Size 2020 x 900 mm
Safe working load  225kg
Height adjustment control  Battery
Total weight of the trolley  106kg
Castor diameter  150 mm
Castor locking system  Central locking
Directional locking castor  Standard
Folding side rails  Standard
Trendelenburg tilt  12 degrees
Anti Trendelenburg tilt  12 degrees
Drain hose length  1500mm
Overall length  2120mm
Overall width  900 – 980mm
Height range  550 – 950mm
Rail Height  270mm
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