Barella Wide Top Shower Trolley

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The Barella Wide Top Shower Trolley allows even the most complex of people to be showered safely with the support of carers.

Safe working load: 180kg

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The Barella Wide Top Shower Trolley is an excellent design that offers multiple safety features, robust construction, and optimum accessibility for the user to promote access to personal care. This shower trolley allows even the most complex of people to be showered safely with the support of carers.

Instead of having to opt for the bariatric version of the Barella, the Wide Top shower trolley model has the standard adult base with a wide top. The wider top promotes space for rolling of the user and access to complete personal procedures.

It also provides more space for users with cognitive or behavioural issues who may become anxious when situated in an enclosed area.

Key Features:

  • Extremely stable platform
  • 180kg SWL
  • Anti-corrosion process that makes the Barella suitable for the toughest environments
  • Very generous platform size (90cm width, giving 80cm usable width)
  • Very strong stainless steel side rails – and higher than commonly found on trolleys allowing the Barella to be used as a shallow bath if required
  • Folding side rails as standard
  • Adjustable height between 610mm – 1000mm
  • Single-handed plug operation
  • Hygienic shower hose design
  • Battery-powered or Hydraulic


Wide Top Shower Trolley Specification:

Platform Size 2020 x 900 mm
Safe working load: 180kg
Height adjustment control: Hydraulic / Battery
Total weight of trolley: 106kg
Castor diameter: 125mm / 150mm
Castor locking system: Individual / Central
Directional locking castor: Standard
Folding side rails : Standard
Trendelenburg tilt: 12 degrees
Anti Trendelenburg tilt: 5 degrees
Drain hose length: 1500mm
IP Protection  X5
Power Supply 220v, 500Ma to Battery Charger
Electrical Safety Onboard circuit – 24v
Rail Height: 270mm

Battery, Hydraulic

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