PressureGUARD 2010 Air Mattress – Very High Risk Mattress

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A Clinically advanced 7″ mattress system for very high-risk patients, vulnerable and complex patients, when only zero pressure will do.

Safe working load: 200 kg

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The PressureGUARD 2010 Air Mattress is an extremely adaptable and auto-adjustable system. It allows the caregiver to react quickly to avoid pressure ulcers forming or to stop current wounds worsening in vulnerable patients.

The intuitive pump features automatic weight and body mass monitors avoiding the need for manual weight input, whilst delivering individual pressure adjustment based on how each patient’s weight is distributed.

When zero pressure is required for specific body areas, e.g., heels, sacrum, shoulder blades, etc., the PressureGUARD cells are instantly removable without disturbance to the patient and are replaced with a shallower PressureGUARD link cell with CLIKFIT, thus achieving zero pressure as required.

Flat-top cells provide a better surface for pressure relief as the weight is more evenly distributed than on regular round cells.

Key Features

  • Dynamic 1 in 2 cycle therapy
  • Static constant low-pressure therapy
  • Pressure Management with detachable cells
  • Panel Lock
  • Auto weight/pressure set – Fully weighs patient and adjusts pressure accordingly. No need for manual weight input
  • Multi-Mattress one pump feature
  • Low Pressure and Power Loss alarms
  • Plug and Play – No need to learn every feature in the pump. Switch on and everything is automatically set up.
  • Upgrade to a 3010 Airwaves pump for the ‘Autofirm’ function. Allowing the carer to have an easier surface from which to change dressings or complete the toileting/hygiene process. Speak to the sales team if you wish to upgrade.
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